Happy New Year!! Oh wait.. it's February already isn't it.. whoops :) 

It's been quite a while since I've posted.

No real excuses, I've just had a lot of life going on.

It's a new year now though and while I can't promise really regular posts I am going to try and make a conscious effort to post more.  

I've been making a conscious effort to increase my physical activity.  I've got only 3 weeks left of workout program (Jillian Michaels Body Revolution) that has helped to feel better in and out

I will be starting a new adventure with a crossfit groupon once I'm done with the program - - Along with Half-Marathon training

I'm getting better (trying) at eating healthier and incorporating more clean eats.

I have a couple reaaaally good recipes that I am going to be sharing in the coming weeks.

I started Graduate School.  A three year-every other weekend-lots of studying-lots of traveling-expensive-personal growth-career building-adventure

I'm also starting this month a couple challenges that I've found online and through instagram.  
  1. 1. #flexiblefeb challenge from Fitting-it-all-in through Challenge Loop
  2. 2. #yogaeverydamnday challenge from Yoga girl also Challenge Loop
  3. 3. #healthysELF challenge from Nutrition Ella and The Lean Green Bean

I'm excited for these challenges.  1&3 are a little more liberal in that you don't have to post every day for it which is more up my alley, but I am trying to be a lot more focused on my flexibility so that's why I have 1&2.  There are prizes with all the challenges, but I'm not doing it for them, more for the community and accountability.  With the Body Revolution it's 6 days a week and I've done really good with staying on track (which hasn't happened over the past year) and I want to continue with it.  I'm okay if I don't maintain the everyday for the yoga challenge, but it will help me to continue to practice much more then I have been.  

Ever since high school I've been very bad about stretching.  I love yoga and I love the feeling of stretching my sore and tired muscles. Here we go.

The HealthysELF is a continuation from a christmas challenge (I did not participate in it) and I found information from it from the Nutrition Nut and really liked it, so I joined it!  It has 3 challenges a week and they vary from physical actitivites, healthy eating, and mental/feel good health.  Check it out! It starts tomorrow!

I'm excited.  The start of 2013 has brought a lot of changes.  I'm ready for more (for the better).  

I'm ready for a continually healthier me. 

I'm ready to improve my organization.  

I'm ready to {once again} mix school, work, and play.

Here goes 2013 

A little montage from the past several months :) Workouts, healthy eats, school/home organizing, and new family additions.  <3 <3



02/05/2013 8:42am

Looooove your photo collage, you've already been super busy and having fun this year! You'll have to fill me in on your fun challenges you are doing maybe I'll join in later (after I finish my 21 days of yoga!).


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