I've been working hard to keep my fall to-do's on my mind to make sure I continually work towards them.

•I put the list as my background
•I haven't been pinning :)
•Trying to stick mainly to the handful of blogs I normally read daily/weekly... and not letting myself spend hours going from blog to blog (it's so easy to do..)
•Annnnd lastly I'm going to post my weekly recap of my workouts on here!

So this week was a little lack-luster, but I'm trying to work on balancing work, school,sleep,working out and not wasting as much time being too lazy :). Some days after work its really hard to not just sit on the couch {some days you just have to give in too}.

Workouts of the week:
Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 2 mile treadmill run, arms/shoulders lifting
Wednesday: none
Thursday: bodyrock- 12 min
Friday: 12 min HIIT workout
Saturday: none
Sunday: none

Ugh, that looks awful to type out, but such is life, and it can only go up from here! 
And I leave you with a picture of two of the cutest boys on the planet <3 
(not the best picture.. it's from my phone and they were on a mission to get my phone from me)


10/04/2012 8:57am

You can do it! I know it can be tough getting into a new routine with work, school, gym, etc, and LIFE! But anything is better than nothing, plus having those two cuties chase you around takes a bunch of energy too! See you in a few weeks!

11/15/2012 10:43pm

more posting! And the boys are very cute! Hang in there!


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