Currently.. I'm filled to the brim with school-work and work 

Currently.. I'm reading textbooks but wish I could buy/read Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett (a Doctor of Physical Therapy), I've followed his blog some in the past (when it was completely free), but haven't recently.  I would like to read his new book, but I think it's going to have to wait.
.. This poster explains my thoughts exactly.


Currently.. I'm trying to follow these words, but I'm a work in progress.
Currently.. I need to go practice a little yoga a go to bed (I'm procrastinating). This is a goal pose of mine and I won't get there if I don't practice ;)
I don't have a source for this photo so if anyone knows of it let me know!

Currently.. I'm loving reading (almost) daily from this, this and this blog
     * The Real-life RD
     * Fitting-It-all-in
     * Nutrition Nut on the Run
   I tend to switch between which blogs I read "regularly" but these 3 I've read consistently for over a year and I love them.  Great knowledgable ladies who write very well and give great ideas for fun, eats and exercise. Perfect. Check them out!

In particular Robyn (a Registered Dietician) writes amazing posts on eats and proper nutrition health facts.  Her posts are so refreshing when so often everywhere you turn some new "health craze" is telling you how many calories you should have and what you should or shouldn't have in your "diet".

Currently.. I'm super thirsty. I guess I needed to drink more water today

Currently.. I'm also writing out special tests for the leg/lower extremity, I'm absolutely loving my musculoskeletal class this winter. Awesome teacher. Awesome class.

Currently.. I'm practically giddy over getting to see my man tomorrow <3

Currently.. The space heater in my "office" at my parents house is amazing and makes me not want to leave the room

Currently.. I'm repeating these 4 (three?) words to myself because tomorrow needs to be a productive day.

And on that note I must head to bed.  Goodnight world :)

<3 -BK

Danielle Clouse
01/24/2014 2:26pm

Yes! Drink more water! ;) Good post sista, keep up the hard work with school and life, it's all about balance, so keep at it one day at a time!

01/24/2014 7:49pm

Love this post and the randomness but fun information! Sounds like you're keeping busy have fun with Dustin and whatever you all are doing!

06/30/2014 9:42am

Hey Brittany, I replied to your questions regarding printing on fabric in my comment box, if you want to check. Nat

07/22/2014 11:06am

love it! robyn is a good friend of mine :) glad to see you loving her!


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