February flew by, it's only 2-3 days shorter than the other 11 months of the year, but it just feels soo much shorter.

I'm quite proud of myself for keeping up with my workouts (1 or 2 weeks I had a couple days off in a row, but I doubled up to make up for it other days) and I finished the Jillian Michael's Body Revolution program! 12 weeks, done.  I honestly feel so much more comfortable in my skin and all around stronger.  I highly recommend this program, it is one of those you have to buy and the initial $$ is kind of expensive, but I'll be using the videos for the rest of my life, so it was worth it to me. It starts out low intensity and then progresses every 2 weeks.  It's also set up to not work the same muscles everyday (mostly.. that gets a bit blurred towards the end with the higher level intensity workouts).  

The set-up: 6 days a week of workouts each 30 minutes long.  You can start on any day of the week you want to begin, but then that stays constant t/o the whole program.  

I. loved. it.  I may repeat it eventually, but for now I'm on to the next fitness goal...
Half-Marathon #2!

I've {finally} started running again! It's been months, like I don't even know how many months since I've last run.  It felt good, and I definitely had soreness after running 2 days in a row.  

It's always amazing to me doing one exercise that you feel is so full-body encompassing, but then you do something different and you find "new" muscles that weren't being worked as much. 

My PT brain is yelling at me... I know, I know ... specificity of training - it really is oh so true :) 

I'm signed up for a half-marathon mid to end of May and last week marked 12 weeks till the big day.   

{Above: A picture of me prepping for one of the JM workouts.  I was home for the weekend and just packed a couple different workout clothes and didn't realize it was all the same color :) I love it :)  }
I also did quite a bit of cooking and prepping for meals in February.  I want to get better at prepping this month, but it's a work in progress.

Well I'm off to do some studying then putting in a longer {4-5} mile training TM (it's still somewhat snowing and cooold out so I'm staying inside) run in for today. I'll leave you with more food/ fun/ workout pictures from the month!
Ciao <3 - BK

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- Lao Tzu

03/03/2013 8:34pm

Looking good! Keep it up!


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